Sharp Centre for Design
Alsop Architects

February 06, 2006 /

Toronto, Canada

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

The elevated "table top" extension to the Ontario College of Art and Design, with its striking black and white pixilated skin and 12 multi-colored legs, stands 26 meters above the mixed Victorian and modern streetscape.

Raising the building above the ground created a new outdoor public space, Butterfield Park, and also improved pedestrian circulation in the area.

An element in the urban scene that holds its own with tough urbanity, while allowing new public space to open up beneath it./Alsop Architects

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

The structure contains two stories of studio and teaching spaces that connects to the existing facility by a core of elevator and stairs.

The circulation core is the central focus of the new Entrance Hall that unites the two halves of the existing College buildings at all levels.

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

This central space is comprised of a new four-storey Entrance Hall, entered through a full height glass facade, and a three-story Great Hall on Level 2, where students and artists can exhibit their work. This space is a gathering for events, with a gallery, auditorium, café and conference centre immediately adjacent.

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

Photo: Richard Johnson/Interior Images

The building was recently awarded the "Award of Excellence" from the Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Awards, the City's highest design award handed out every two years.

Will Alsop's academic building is an altogether original and welcome enrichment of Toronto's urban fabric; artistically bold and imaginative, and respectful of residents and users in its culturally intense neighbourhood./Competition jury

Drawing courtesy Alsop Architects5th Level PlanSharp_centre_9.jpg
Drawing courtesy Alsop ArchitectsRoof Level Plan
Drawing courtesy Alsop ArchitectsEast Elevation

Drawing courtesy Alsop ArchitectsLongitudinal Section

Drawing courtesy Alsop ArchitectsSouth Elevation

Drawing courtesy Alsop ArchitectsCross Section

Facts about Sharp Centre for Design

Total area:

6,215 m2

Joint Venture Architects:

Robbie/Young + Wright

Landscape Architect:

Yuk Woo Lee & Associates Ltd.

Structural Engineer: 

Carruthers & Wallace Ltd.

Mechanical Engineer:

MCW Consultants (with Battle McCarthy at "Schematic Design" Stage)

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