Meteorology Center
Álvaro Siza

March 15, 2004 /

Barcelona, Spain

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The Meteorology Center is located on the Paseo Maritimo - the waterfront promenade - which begins at the old harbor and continues through the 1992 Olympic Village and up the coast to the Northeast. The building is set back as a protection from the harshness of the maritime environment.

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Photo: arcspace

The concrete and brick building, that resembles a closed cylinder, has eight deep radial openings to accommodate terraces and small courtyards.

The central courtyard, nine meters in diameter, is open to the sky to let light into the inner rooms.

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Photo: arcspace

The building houses two departments; the Meteorological Department on part of the ground floor, on the third and fourth floor and on the rooftop garden with independent access via the intermediate floor which leads to the street via a curved stairway, and the Port Authority, on the lower floors, with independent access via the ground floor and directly over the dock.

Sketch courtesy Álvaro Siza
Sketch courtesy Álvaro Siza

The design by Álvaro Siza makes use of existing elements to anchor itself in the area. It begins at the top of the long serpent formed by the trees lining the avenue, extends the service entrance from the seaward side to the basement, aligns the arris of its section to the east towards the large protecting wall of the northern dike, and forms a trapezoidal facade for the square, which faces the sea.

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Frank Gehry famous "Fish" sculpture, a waterfront landmark, is located in the adjacent Olympic Village.

Facts about Meteorology Center

Total area:

4,177 m2

Architect: Álvaro Siza

Last updated: May 26, 2014

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