A.A. Hijmans van den Bergh Medical Faculty
Erick van Egeraat

January 28, 2008 /

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Photo: Christian RichtersWinner of the 2007 biannual Dutch Rietveldprize, named after the famous "De Stijl" architect. The new faculty building is located on the University campus "De Uithof" forming the corner to the existing Academic Hospital of Utrecht.

An independent identity within the complex, but also part of the University campus, the new building volume seeks to strengthen the existing entrance area of the hospital complex.

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

The building contains three distinct functions; classrooms, individual study landscapes, and a restaurant. The heart of the building features three cone-shaped glass structures that intersect the entire building and act as giant light wells. Consequently, indirect sunlight enters deep into building allowing the user to experience the "outside" from a variety of positions within the building.

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

The structures are visible throughout and connect the public spaces on the two lower levels with the educational facilities on the three upper levels. This provides an open and transparent unity.

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

The cones integrate the loadbearing structure and serve as large ventilation shafts. The crystal glass shapes thus form a technical backbone as well as the atmospherical heart of the building.

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

In both the office and education areas, flexible work environments are provided where different teaching scenarios can occur such as classical lectures,
group work, and individual research.

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

Photo: Christian Richters

Combining a rationalised and orthogonal structure with specific shapes and open areas met the client's expectation of a modest, though enriched environment with an inspiring identity.

A special hybrid-heating concept was developed for the ABC-Education Facility in Utrecht, in which the architectural layout of the building was fully utilised to develop the heating concept. Natural ventilation is used throughout the building.

The University of Utrecht commissioned the Urban Masterplan by O.M.A. (Art Zaayer) in 1995, and has since invited several well known Dutch architects to contribute to the University campus.

For this latest extension named after Abraham Albert Hijmans van den Bergh, a pioneer in biomedicine, the University sought a more modest building to make optimal use of the deep site available.

Drawing courtesy Erick van Egeraat

Drawing courtesy Erick van Egeraat

Drawing courtesy Erick van Egeraat 19-hijmans.jpg
Drawing courtesy Erick van Egeraat 20-hijmans.jpg
Drawing courtesy Erick van Egeraat

Facts about A.A. Hijmans van den Bergh Medical Faculty

Gross surface area:

14,500 m2

Erick van Egeraat
Ulf Hackauf
Joris Lüchinger

Project leader:

Cock Peterse


Monica Adams
Massimo Bertolano

Project team:

Rowan van Wely
Taro Yoshikawa Ann-
Christin Hillebrand
Kristjan Kaltenbach
Julia Hausmann
Paul Blonk
Jesse Treurniet
Ronald Ubels
Léon Wielaard

Project Manager:

Universiteit Utrecht
Aryan Sikkema
Wim Bouwhuizen

Structural engineer:

ABT-C Adviesbureau voor Bouwtechniek

Mechanical services engineer:

Halmos B.V.

Electrical services engineer:

Halmos B.V.

Quanity surveyor:

Dukers & de Cock, Eindhoven

Urban planner:


Landscape architect:


Interior architect:



Universiteit Utrecht afdeling bouw

Photographed by Christian Richters (Artur)

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