FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Centre
Mecanoo architecten

September 15, 2008 /

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Photo Christian Richters

FiftyTwoDegrees is the realisation of the first phase of a large-scale master plan surrounding the Neerbosscheweg. The 86 meter tall tower stands on a slope and is fluidly yet excitingly absorbed into surrounding Goffert Park.

Under the grassed roof are parking spaces for six hundred cars, various commercial facilities and a covered Plaza with shops and restaurants.

Photo Christian Richters

Photo Christian Richters

Photo Christian Richters

The lower eight floors of the seventeen-story tower are ten degrees out of plumb, creating an inviting gesture towards the city. The bent form was created by the hybrid construction of concrete and steel, whereby for each intermediate floor the elevation shifts in relation to the concrete cores.

In order to shorten the construction time - one floor per week - it was decided to use prefabricated cladding, resulting in a pattern of pixels that gives the facade an abstract appearance.

Photo Christian Richters

A broad staircase leads from the Esplanade to the reception hall with its conspicuously curved wooden benches. The undulating wall clad with mahogany represents a visually connecting element that automatically indicates the route through the building.

Photo Christian Richters

Photo Christian Richters

The office and laboratory floors can be flexibly subdivided. The use of climate ceilings allows the climate to be regulated for each work station so that the spaces can adapt to the organisation of new products being developed.

Photo Christian Richters

The new knowledge centre, where technology, science, culture, work, living and leisure come together, fosters chance encounters and collaboration with diverse parties. The name of the complex, FiftyTwoDegrees, refers to the site's 52nd degree of latitude, which like the ambition of the initiators, spans the entire world.

The second phase will see the ground level overarch the Neerbosscheweg, creating a direct link with the city, the Goffert stadium and the new Goffert light rail station.
Conference rooms, a theatre, a hotel, sports facilities and shops are due to be added to the complex in the second phase.

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten
Site Plan

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten
Plan Level One

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten
Plan Plaza Level

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten
Plan Mezzanine Level

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten

Mecanoo won 1st prize in the 2002 competition.

Facts about FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Centre

Total area:

70,000 m2

Mecanoo architecten

Structural engineer:

ARUP (competition)

General contractor:

Ballast Nedam Speciale Projecten

Building services consultant:

Royal Haskoning

Photographed by Christian Richters


Ballast Nedam Bouw
ICE Ontwikkeling

Adviesbureau Tielemans BV (execution)

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