Mourning House
Pascal Arquitectos

November 12, 2007 /

Mexico City, Mexico

Photo: Víctor Benítez

Planned as an isolated structure in a residential area, the Grissal flamed granite building faces inward towards an illuminated courtyard.

Visitors enter the building through the 6 feet wide, 30 feet tall triangular wooden door, and proceed along a sombre tunnel, of the same shape, to arrive at the double height granite Hall.

Photo: Víctor Benítez

A project of this nature must encourage introspection and peaceful visual harmony through a discrete use of materials and lighting.

/Pascal Arquitectos

Photo: Víctor Benítez

Photo: Víctor Benítez

The Hall, illuminated by the northern light from the indoor courtyard, has a tall Dracaena plant at the center and a symbolic abstract sculpture by artist Saul Kaminer as the only artwork.

Photo: Víctor Benítez

The only furniture in the building is a floating bench, surrounding the central room, made of the same wood used in the building. The bench also serves to hide the air conditioning, speakers, and recessed lighting. The only other "ornaments" are the lights and shadows playing on the granite volumes.

A floating dark cumaru wood ceiling and a skylight highlight this detail.

Photo: Víctor Benítez

This was a project with very strong emotional implications. To create a space with a spiritual mood the architects looked at ancient buildings, like the Egyptian "Mastabas" or Mayan buildings in Palenque, that were designed for this purpose. They were also guided by several groups of Rabies as religious rules and buildings codes in the Jewish Religion are very strict for this kind of place.

Drawing courtesy Pascal ArquitectosGround Floor Plan
Drawing courtesy Pascal Arquitectos

Drawing courtesy Pascal Arquitectos

Drawing courtesy Pascal Arquitectos

Drawing courtesy Pascal Arquitectos

Facts about Mourning House

Total area:

262 m2

Carlos Pascal & Gerard Pascal


Arch. Rafael Salame


Comunidad Monte Sinai

Last updated: December 19, 2013

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