Brother Claus Field Chapel
Atelier Peter Zumthor

July 31, 2012 /

Mechernich, Germany

Photo © Thomas Mayer

The recently inaugurated Brother Claus Field Chapel is located in Mechernich near Cologne, Germany.

The Chapel, dedicated to the holy Niklaus von Fluehe, called Brother Claus, was donated by farmer Hermann-Josef and Trudel Scheidtweilerand, and built by local farmers on the edge of his field.

Photo © Thomas Mayer

Zumthor used a technique called "rammed concrete" where farmers poured a layer of concrete over a teepee of timber every day for 24 days, leaving a texture similar to that of rammed earth. The timber was then burnt out by colliers, using the same process as making charcoal, leaving a charred inside.

Photo © Thomas Mayer

Photo © Thomas Mayer

The chapel is entered through a pivoted triangular lead door. The floor is poured lead.

Photo © Thomas Mayer

Photo © Thomas Mayer

Photo © Thomas Mayer

An oculus at the top is open to the sky letting in rain and light. Filtered light also enters through holes in the walls.

8-brother_claus.jpgPhoto © Thomas Mayer

9-brother_claus.jpgPhoto © Thomas Mayer

Photo © Thomas Mayer

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