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The Maritime Youth House is shared by two clients, a sail club and a youth house, who had very different programs.

The youth house needed outdoor space for the kids to play, the sail club needed most of the site to park their boats.

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Instead of using the 25% of the budget allocated to clean the polluted site, the architect's discovered that the pollution was heavy metals, and therefore stable. If they covered the entire site with a wooden deck, without reaching the bottom, it was not necessary to clean the site. This meant that the entire budget could be spend on the program and the architecture.

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The design is the literal results of the architect's negotiations with the two contradictory demands. In the places where the deck rises it allows for boat storage underneath and, at the same time, becomes an exciting play areas for the kids. The common room, where most of the daily activities take place, is located in the front house, the workshop and storage is in the back corner building.

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In contrast to the wooden exterior decks the floor in the community space is white concrete with white stones and a standard grey concrete in the workshop and storage area. This is meant to reflect the dominance of the outdoor activities; the wooden deck is the actual "room" of the Maritime Youth House.

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Drawing courtesy Plot

Another new Copenhagen Harbor project by Plot received Honorary Mention in the 2004 European Prize for Urban Public Space competition.

Harbor Bath
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Harbor Bath is part of the city's "Blue Plan" for the entire harbor space and for the use of the water. Bathing in the Copenhagen Harbor is without health risks thanks to the improved water quality. With 42 kilometers of wharf in the Copenhagen Harbor the "Blue Plan" is working on making room for houseboats, promenades, water sports, recreation areas and playgrounds.

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Facts about Maritime Youth House

Total area:

1,600 m2


Kvarterløft Governmental City Renewal Project
The Urban Development Fond

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