casa pR34
Rojkind Arquitectos

January 03, 2005 /

Tecamachalco, Mexico

Photo: Jaime Navarro
The curving forms, resembling two bodies in motion, were inspired by the occupant who is a ballet dancer.

The casa pR34 is situated on the rooftop of a existing house. The project involved the gutting and rethinking of the existing late 60s house and the independent structure for the owners daughter.

Photo: Jaime Navarro
The interlocking shapes, covered in red steel plates, are placed at different levels. The first level contains the kitchen, dining and living area, the second level, a half flight down, the TV room and the master bedroom.

Photo: Jaime Navarro
Photo: Jaime Navarro
The design incorporates the roof of the existing house, paved with the remains of the chipped lava rocks used for the wall of the house, as a garden terrace. The acrylic skylights become stools, benches and chaise lounges that changes color with an interior lighting system.

A selection of prehispanic organ plants add a lunar feeling to the terrace.

Photo: Jaime Navarro
Photo: Jaime Navarro
The exterior steel plates, shaped as in a car body shop, are also painted with car paint. The interior of the rolled steel beam structure is covered with chipboard treated with an off-white resin. A fire retardant, thermal and accoustical insulation, is placed between the exterior steel plates and the chipboard.

Image courtesy Rojkind Arquitectos

Drawing courtesy Rojkind Arquitectos

Drawing courtesy Rojkind Arquitectos 

Facts about casa pR34

Total area:

140 square meters

Rojkind Arquitectos

Project team:

Agustin Pereyra
Beatriz Diaz
Alvaro Sordo
Maria Carrillo
Gian Paolo

Structural engineer:
Ing. Jorge Cadena


Factor Eficiencia
Arq. Fermín Espinosa
(Arq. Ricardo Brito)


Ing. José Ignacio Báez
Ing. Jesús Saldaña


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