Design Museum Holon
Ron Arad Architects

April 05, 2010 /

Holon, Israel

Photo: Yael Pincus

Constructed of five sinuous bands of varying shades of weathered steel.

The design for the museum, demonstrates an extremely sculptural approach, combining ingenuous and playful functionality with highly visual design.

The Design Museum Holon is the pinnacle of a sixteen-year urban regeneration program, a process which is transforming the city of Holon, central Israel, into a global epicenter for  culture and education. The museum is committed to pioneering a creative arena for the exploration and examination of design principles and interpretations.

Photo: Yael Pincus

When we started working on Design Museum Holon, it was like a white canvas, things developed and a direction was formed. We created a hierarchy of outdoor spaces so you walk in under the building into a semi-covered yard, where you have a choice to take the air-conditioned route or one exposed to the elements. The building envelope is not just a pretty space; it's also a structure.

/Ron Arad Architects

Photo: Yael Pincus
Photo: Yael Pincus
Constructed of five sinuous bands of varying shades of weathered steel. The bands form a visual key that carries visitors into the building, through it and then out, instantly becoming a string that ties the whole building together inside and out.

Photo: Yael Pincus
Photo: Yael Pincus
Design Museum Holon accommodates two primary galleries and a number of diverse alternative exhibition and education spaces in-between. The Upper Gallery celebrates the abundance of natural light in Israel, the smaller, Lower Gallery,  is taller inside but offers a more intimate, personal relationship between the visitor and the object on display.

Photo: Yael Pincus
Photo: Yael Pincus
Photo: Yael Pincus
Photo: Yael Pincus

Working together from such an early stage of development has enabled us to find answers to the question of the relationship between curatorial space and public circulation. We were able to capitalize on the potential space between the curves of the bands so that all the surfaces around the galleries and public facilities would fit comfortably and in many cases create bonus galleries.

/Asa Bruno, Supervising Architect

The opening Exhibition,The State of Things: Design and the 21st Century, presents more than 100 products that collectively tell the story of the practice, consumption, and cultural impact of contemporary product design.

Model photo courtesy Design Museum Holon

Model photo courtesy Design Museum Holon

Design Museum Holon not only highlights the role of design and culture in Holon's day-to-day life, but also the city's influence globally; I believe it will be a beacon within Israel and far beyond.

/Hana Hertsman, Managing Director

Facts about Design Museum Holon

Total area:

4,100 m2

Principal Designer:
Ron Arad

Project Architects:

Asa Bruno
James Foster

Executive Architect:

Sharon Ben-Shem

Project Management:

Waxman Govrin Eng. Ltd.

Structural Engineer:

Harmel Engineering Ltd.

Lighting Designer:


Landscape Architects:

TeMA Landscape Architects

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