Televisa Mixed Use Building
TEN Arquitectos

October 08, 2007 /

Mexico City, Mexico

Photo courtesy TEN Arquitectos

To mark their presence in the city the Televisa company was looking for a new image and an icon building.

The new building occupies a trapezoidal urban plot in the dense complexity of downtown México City. The building, together with the adjacent eight-story executive office building and a TV transmission tower, create a new urban condition.

The program called for an integration of diverse functions: a parking garage, an employee cafeteria for dining, parties and concerts, executive dining facilities, conference rooms, recreational facilities, and office space for media services, union relations, and banking services.Responding to the complexities of its dense urban locale, an elliptical shell enclosure defines a continuous space where social activities take place, both outside and inside.

TEN Arquitectos

TEN Arquitectos

TEN Arquitectos

The shell provides many functions: on the exterior it shelters the building from the dense vehicular noise of the adjacent traffic artery, reduces afternoon sun exposure inside the building, and provides outdoor public space. In the interior, it houses most of the buildings' diverse programs with its sweeping form being most dramatic in the cafeteria.

TEN Arquitectos
TEN Arquitectos

TEN Arquitectos
TEN Arquitectos
The exterior base is clad with black concrete panels, the roof in Alucobond panels of varying dimension.

Photo courtesy TEN ArquitectosSite Plan
Drawing courtesy TEN ArquitectosFloor Plans
Drawing courtesy TEN Arquitectos
Drawing courtesy TEN ArquitectosLongitudinal Section

Facts about Televisa Mixed Use Building

Total area:

7,500 m2

TEN Arquitectos
Taller de Enrique Norten Arquitectos

Project Team:

Enrique Norten
Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta
Blanca Castañeda
Raul Acevedo
Jesus Alfredo Dominguez
Gustavo Espitia
Héctor L. Gámiz
Rebeca Golden
Margarita Goyzueta
Javier Presas
Roberto Sheinberg
Maria Carmen Zeballos
Gustavo Espitia

Gustavo Espitia
Jaime Cabezas.

Luis Gordoa
Armando Hashimoto

Structural Design:
Guy Nordenson
Ove Arup + Partners, New York.
Colinas de Buen, S.A., México.

Roof Egineering:

AMS Derby inc.- Robert Harbinson.

General Contractor:

PYC.,S.A..-Ing. Leopoldo Liberman
President Ing. Carlos César


Televisa S.A. de C.V.

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