Te Papa Museum

January 30, 2006 /

Wellington, New Zealand

Image courtesy UNStudio

The new extension to the national museum, "Te Papa", meaning "Our Place" in Maori, is part of a major revival of the waterfront of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

UNStudio's aim was to construct a museum space that would work with or without art, where the visitors are as much part of the cultural event as the exhibited pieces.

Photo courtesy UNStudio

Image courtesy UNStudio

The new addition has been designed to manifest itself with the necessary forcefulness to have a real effect as a cultural marker in relation to the surroundings and to help to connect Wellington's upcoming waterfront area with the city itself. An open and inviting gesture is to be made towards the green heart of Waitangi Park by its two outstretched wings, which, as they cantilever upwards, provide an open, but sheltered public space at ground level, and break up the wall-like appearance of the main building behind.

/Ben van Berkel

Exhibition spaces, that can accommodate unusually large works, are placed along a spiraling ramp that zigzags through the open plan, allowing visitors to perceive sculptures and paintings from different heights, angles and positions. In addition to their main function, to exhibit art, the spaces will function for openings, small concerts and other events.

Image courtesy UNStudio

A sculptural external form with an exceptional contemporary interior.

/The Competition Jury

Facts about Te Papa Museum

Total area:

3,500 m2

Ben van Berkel
Caroline Bos
Tobias Wallisser
Holger Hoffmann
Elke Scheier
Krystoph Nowak
Hans-Peter Nuenning
Jan Schellhoff

Local Architect:

Jasmax (Auckland, New Zealand)



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