Futuro - Tomorrow's House from Yesterday
By Marko Home & Mika Taanila

December 02, 2002 /


This plastic, ellipsoid, portable holiday hideaway is among the most striking samples of Utopian space-age design.

The International space-age craze of the 1960's stirred interest among Finnish architects, but there was only one Finnish project that can be regarded as a "bona fide" sample of space-age architecture: the Futuro house designed by Matti Suuronen.  Its design encapsulated the distinctive themes of 1960's Utopian architecture; mobility, increased leisure time and new materials.

The chosen material - fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic - was already familiar to Suuronen after having designed a large plastic dome, eight meters in diameter, for the roof of a grain silo in Seinajoki.

Photo courtesy the authors
The Futuro airlifted in Sweden on October 22, 1969


Photo courtesy the authors
Matti Kuusia's Futuro in Hirvensalmi in 1968.


Photo courtesy the authors
The Futuro in a Finnish winter forest.


Photo courtesy the authors
The Futuro being assembled at the Polykem Plant in 1968.


Photo courtesy the authors


The new book "Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday" is a natural follow up to Mika Taanila's 1998 film "Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow" which traces the history of this forgotten milestone in Finnish design in a story packed with International color and drama. The film has toured over fifty International film festivals, has aired on television around the world and has been screened as a DVD loop at various exhibitions.

Photo courtesy the authors


Photo courtesy the authors


Photo courtesy the authors


During the two years Mika Taanila and Marko Home conducted research for the screenplay they assembled a wealth of fascinating background material, the highlights of which were included in the film, although a large of intriguing material, pictorial and otherwise, had to be excluded.  Since the release of the film, Taanila and Home have received ample feedback from people who have provided new, detailed information on the eventful history of the Futuro.

While the film concentrates on the Futuro's heyday between 1986 and 1973, the book takes the story up to present day.  Rather than repeating the story of the film, it features articles written by Finnish and International Futuro specialists who approach the Futuro from different perspectives and place it in an International context.

The aim of the book, with the accompanying CD, is to serve as a detailed history of the Futuro, and also to cast a speculative glimpse at our recent futuristic past.

The DVD features the 29-minute documentary film "Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow"  (1998) plus 45 minutes of rare amateur film and foreign footage.

futuro_final_10Photo courtesy the authors
The architect Matti Suuronen

Photo courtesy the authors
Early Sketch


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