Santiago Calatrava: World Architecture

April 10, 2006 /

Danish Architecture Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark
On view: April 06, 2006 - September 10, 2006

Photo © Jonathan Becker

The Danish Minister of Culture, Brian Mikkelsen, opened the exhibition's first European venue at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen.

Photo: arcspace

The Spanish architect Calatrava is an artist and an architect beyond the ordinary. Like no one else, he is capable of developing architecture to unsurpassed levels. Calatrava is proof of the myth of the classic artist, who unites a personal, artistic genius with the latest technology. The result is challenging and unique building constructions of great beauty./Kent Martinussen, Director, Danish Architecture Centre

Photo: arcspace
Photo: arcspace
Photo: arcspace

The exhibition goes behind the works to explore how Calatrava creates his buildings by refining thousands of drawings while penetrating deeper into his works. Sketchbooks, sculptures, models and films give the audience an insight into Calatrava's working method and his sources of inspiration - from sketchbooks to completed constructions.

Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava ArchivesMilwaukee Art Museum (1994-2001)Sketchbook 1997
Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava ArchivesCity of Arts and Sciences (1991-2005)Sketchbook 1997

The exhibition is organized for the Danish Architecture Centre by independent curator Kirsten Kiser and sponsored by Realdania (the Danish Foundation for the Built Environment)

Photo: arcspace

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