Vision and Legend - Bang and Olufsen Exhibition

July 26, 2000 /

Danish Design Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark
On view: June 16, 2000 - September 17, 2001

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Each of the new products we create must, in my opinion, contain a part of the future. We must strive all the time to move borders, to venture beyond the known and the traditional. Bang and Olufsen practices the balance between form and function. It is exactly at this point of the equilibrium that our brand and culture become obvious and make our customer say: This must be a Bang and Olufsen, it cannot be anything else!/Ole Terndrup, Senior Specialist/Concept Developer

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RGSteel designed by Peter BangRG Steel.

Photo: arcspace
Sonja Henie for the promotion of
1950 BEOCORD 506 K

Photo: Kirsten Kiser
Esther Williams for the 1948
Master de luxe 413 K.

Photo: arcspace
An advertisement in Life magazine 1960s.

The exhibition, on view through September 15th, shows a long line of products that have made Bang and Olufsen known around the world. It also shows examples of how the many ideas for both products and advertising campaigns were born; how the Marcel Breuer Chair inspired Peter Bang to design the 1934 HYPERBO 5 RG Steel, and how the 'Sure of Success' posters used images from successful movies.

Vision and Legend' is the first exhibition to show an entire range of the most significant products during Bang and Olufsen's first 75 years.

Denmarks first Design Centre, designed by Henning Larsen, is located across from Tivoli gardens.

Photo courtesy Danish Design Centre


Bang and Olufsen

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