Copenhagen Metro
KHR AS Architects

October 28, 2002 /

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our main objectives were openness and dayligt, with a view of the sky when possible, to clarify the depth of the stations and make traveling underground feel secure./KHRAS architects

Designed to transport people effectively and "in style" the new Copenhagen Metro was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Margrete II on October 19th.

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Photo courtesy ØrestadsselskabetHer Majesty Queen Margrete II and Prince Henrik

KHRAS architects were selected as principal architects for the Metro Copenhagen project in 1994.  The stations, designed to move many people efficiently, are modern and functional.

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Photo: arcspaceKgs. Nytorv Station

The pyramide shape skylights become sculptural elements on Kgs. Nytorv (the city's main square).

The Kgs. Nytorv station appears open and friendly with changing daylight pouring into the space through the pyramide shaped skylights that are fitted with prisms.

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Photo: arcspace

All levels are visually connected with escalators, and one elevator, transporting commuters to the platform 20 meters below ground.  One single open platforms serves all commuters.

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Photo: arcspace

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Image courtesy KHRAS architects

The station stands as stationary volumes with the trains being the means of transport and power behind it. Once the train arrives at the platform and the glass doors open, the train becomes one with the station.

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Photo: arcspace

The design of the trains, a collaboration between Italian Giugiaro Design and Danish Carl Bro Design, combines the Scandinavian tradition for performance and simplicity with the flavor of Italian creativity and style.

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Image courtesy Ørestadsselskabet

Facts about Copenhagen Metro

The Metro trains have a seating capacity for 300; 94 seated and 204 standing.

High priority has been given to wheelchairs, the physically handicapped and children.

The Copenhagen Metro, serving 11 new stations, takes passengers from the center of the city to the sea, or the new suburb Ørestaden, in a matter of minutes.

Phase two, 6 additional stations, will be completed by the end of 2003.

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