Touring the World of Architecture: Week 20

May 18, 2014 /

By Christopher William Reeves

This week's architectural news round up includes the completion of Snøhetta's 9/11 Memorial museum, petitions against Zaha Hadid's Tokyo stadium, Sydney's new cultural policy and an intriguing video from Denmark, re-imagining the countryside.

As of next week Touring the World of Architecture will be on a summer break. Don't fear however, we'll be back later in the summer with the freshest news and views from around the globe. Until then, love from the arcspace team. Happy holidays!

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week 20 max_486b8c11986972c157d3d00904ed7377.jpg


Snøhetta 9/11 Memorial Museum Opens

This week the Snøhetta designed Memorial Museum at the World Trade Centre site in New York was opened by US President Barack Obama. Sitting between the two memorial fountains, the memorial museum will act as a 'bridge between two worlds' that of on-going everyday life in New York and the uniquely spiritual quality of the 9/11 site.

Snøhetta studio founder Craig Dykers stated, "It is important that people physically engage with the building and feel that it helps lead them on to other areas of the site and other thoughts about their experiences there."

week 20 max_da8d9c5b6133036b0ac1ac39b62b18d6.jpgImage: Jeff Goldberg / esto

The museum is mostly underground yet its transparent pavilion form above ground invites guest to peer in, catching a glimpse of the two structural columns rescued from the original world trade structure.

The memorial museum will open to the public on the 24th May 2014.

week 20 max_d4f2c86995835191b162371f4a3ace3a.jpgImage: Jeff Goldberg / estoweek 20 max_56b9121c1ca15c3c1fd6886f835e564e.jpgImage: Jeff Goldberg / estoweek 20 max_45930ec99a455019aeb55d955dae7d66.jpgImage: Jeff Goldberg / esto


Another Story


Week 38 Zaha Hadid Japan


Hadid's Tokyo Stadium Continues To Cause A Stir With Further Petitions

In September last year we bought you the news of Zaha Hadid's winning design for the national stadium of Japan in Tokyo. Since that time it has been anything but smooth sailing for Hadid and her team as numerous voices have been raised against the futuristic stadium.

In October the Japanese minister of education announced plans to reduce the size and cost (down to a mere $3 billion) of the stadium, but for many this was not enough. The latest petition led by Japanese Pritzker Prize laureate Fumihiko Maki, and architect Toyo Ito has to date gathered 13,000 signatures all of whom wish to see the design rejected in favour of an upgrade to the existing stadium complex. This proposal would act as a more affordable and sustainable solution to Hadid's design, avoiding the relocation of nearby residents.

With the stadiums completion date set for the opening ceremony of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, decisions will have to be made as to the future of the 80,000 seat stadium.

week 20 th_65d1300db123ce22f6e2569fb36764f8_zha_japannationalstadium03b_retouch.jpgImage: ZHA

week 20 th_65d1300db123ce22f6e2569fb36764f8_zha_japannationalstadium01.jpgImage: ZHA

Take a look round and see if you think its worth the human and financial cost?


This Weeks Win


sydney5.jpgimage: Imogen Reeves

Sydney's Cultural Policy

Now this is not your conventional win, sure Norman Foster won the Isamu Noguchi Award this week but I put to you that Sydney's win is one that holds more weight. Sydney announced that they will, amongst a long list of policies, commit 1.6 million square meters of the city's unused commercial and residential space to be made readily available for cultural and creative activities. An action plan has been drawn up to help implement numerous initiatives including the development of the city's urban planning function and capability to plan for and influence cultural precincts and infrastructure, ensuring the city is planned to protect and enhance its cultural layer.

With the formalized plan set for 2014, Sydney's citizens can expect to win a big slice of cultural and creative space. Using old, whilst designing new architecture around the needs of the creative and cultural collective can only be good thing! Check out the policy and action plan here.


Friday Video


Re Dane

An inspiring and wonderfully filmed short on the reimagination of Denmark's rural spaces. Out of the box thinking yet a refreshingly obvious concept once you watched it! Domin Balmforth of Susturb and Charles Bessard, of Powerhouse Company feature to enlighten anyone who's interested in spacial planning.

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