The Camera
February 24, 2014 /

Michael Massaia

Michael Massaia is a young fine art photographer and printmaker who spent the past few years documenting areas and objects in his native New Jersey. Black and white, isolation and a unique render of the ordinary is among his trademarks. Here, he explains how severe insomnia, photo realistic paintings, self-taught descipline and seeing what is right in front of him with an uncompromising vision, made him into the very talented photographer he is.

February 21, 2014 /

Touring the World of Architecture: Week 8

Hello again from the team here at arcspace wishing you a great weekend. This weeks roundup of interesting architectural news includes the Progressive Architecture Awards, an exciting project in Mexico City, a debatable antenna tower in Chile and a slice of scaling heights for our Friday fun!

Hotel Le Corbusier. Photo courtesy Hotel Le Corbusier Travel
February 19, 2014 /

Hotels: Hotel Le Corbusier
Marseille, France

Unite d’Habitation, Le Corbusier’s first large scale project, is one of his most important. Hotel Le Corbusier is a 'must' for architecture aficionados.

February 17, 2014 /

De Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The new De Rotterdam Tower by OMA creates a city-within-a-city in Rotterdam whilst at the same time referring back to Rem Koolhaas’ early analysis of New York and Bigness. Unintentionally it also proves that what works in Manhattan may not automatically work in the Netherland’s second city.

February 13, 2014 /

Touring the World of Architecture: Week 7

Another working week has shot by. So as you gear up for the weekends activities we bring you a snippet of architectural going ons! This week includes the Design Museum award nominations, Frank Lloyds MoMa exhibition, a possible new highline and an insightful video from Thom Mayne in New York. Enjoy folks!

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