November 22, 2013 /

Touring the World of Architecture: Week 47

Hello from all here at arcspace and welcome to week 47 of Touring the World of Architecture. The last 7 days have seen a couple of great wins! BIG present a beautiful curved design in France and NEXT Architects have proposed a knotted bridge in China! Then we have the return of Kanye West with more inspiring words and a video to welcome the imminent winter!

November 20, 2013 /

Dominique Perrault

Dominique Perrault’s place-making effort sprouts from sets of actions that indicate links between conceptual thinking and material manipulation: to accompany, add, extend, generate, metamorphose, subtract, or unite. Applying such rules connects Perrault’s mesmerizing architecture with the investigations and aesthetic expressions of Minimal and Land Art.

November 20, 2013 /

Travel blog: Vienna
Vienna, Austria recently visited the Austrian capital to have a special look at the Viennese version of a contemporary cultural cluster: the Museumsquartier. Spanning a century of buildings the cluster is a Chimera of cultural institutions leashed by Adolf Loos and his hatred of ornaments.

November 19, 2013 /

Hotels: The NoMad
New York, New York, USA

The Nomad Hotel is a story of seamless collaboration. The hotel, restaurant and boutique have been designed to effortlessly merge into one entity, creating a charming ‘Parisian’ experience in the wonderfully restored turn of the century Beaux arts, Johnston building. New York’s Midtown can add yet another gem to Manhattan’s bulging list of quality hotels.

November 18, 2013 /

Offices for the Castilla León Government in Zamora
Alberto Campo Baeza
Castilla y León, Spain

Madrid-based architect Alberto Campo Baeza has created the new headquarters for the Castilla León region’s government, located in the ancient heart of the city facing Zamora’s old cathedral. The design offers a successful mix of glass minimalism and a smart site-location strategy. Like a Babushka doll the building’s first layer is an enclosing stonewall, then a garden of air and finally a completely transparent glass house.

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