April 09, 2014 /

Our House in the City
By Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten (editors)

Our House in the City is an explosion of stories, dreams and strategies that showcase the best and brightest designs for contemporary city living; city living that is undergoing a downtown revival. For the established architect, the interior designer, the inspiration hungry student, the homeowner, the renter, the trendy young professional and the mother of three, this book is a slice of escapism documenting the best examples of innovative and fresh solutions to modern day city living. From the master plan to the multifunctional cupboard there are endless and proven takes on how to improve your own personal wedge of urban space.

April 07, 2014 /

Shigeru Ban

In traditional Japanese architecture the walls are made of paper. This motive of the shoji was re-introduced into contemporary architecture by Shigeru Ban - with great success. The use of recycled paper and cardboard as a construction material has made him one of the world's most popular architects.

April 04, 2014 /

Touring the World of Architecture: Week 14

It’s week 14 already! Touring the World of Architecture is here to inform you of this week’s biggest and best news. Zaha Hadid Architects have revealed their Macau hotel design, DUS Architects are causing a stir with their 3D printer in Amsterdam and there is a fantastic new architecture school in the pipeline in Dubai. We finish the week with an intriguing short film on busking, asking what architects can do to cater for such informal city life? Have a great weekend.

The Camera
April 03, 2014 /

John Kosmopoulos

John Kosmopoulos is an internationally awarded photographer specializing in architecture, abstract, long exposure, and minimalist black and white fine art photography. He resides in Toronto where he balances his passion for the photographic arts and writing with his love of the behaviour sciences as a consultant and educator.

March 31, 2014 /

China Wood Sculpture Museum
Harbin, China

The unveiling of the China Wood Sculpture Museum in Harbin – near the border with Russian Siberia – signals that even China’s frozen northern periphery is beginning to be reshaped as its economy booms. The figure behind the thunderbolt-hued building is China’s leading experimental architect, Ma Yansong, along with his MAD Architects.

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