May 15, 2011 /

Bernardes + Jacobsen Arquitetura

Rita Atkinson Residences by Valerio Dewalt Train (VDTA) in San Diego, California, USA. Exterior landscape.
Photo: Nic Lehoux Features
May 09, 2011 /

Rita Atkinson Residences
Valerio Dewalt Train (VDTA)
San Diego, California, USA

Located on a promontory near the main campus entrance, the Rita Atkinson Residences serve as a distinctive gateway for the medical school mall and provides much needed housing for graduate and professional medical students.

Church of Senhora da Boa Nova by Roseta Vaz Monteiro Arquitectos in Estoril, Portugal. Exterior 
Photo: Joao Morgado
May 02, 2011 /

Church of Senhora da Boa Nova
Roseta Vaz Monteiro Arquitectos
Estoril, Portugal

The site, one of the city's last slums, was named the "End of the World." To the east and south the suburban surroundings had no iconic references, to the west there was a steep valley reaching out to distant views.

W Retreat Kanai by Richard Meier & Partners in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Exterior aerial view.
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April 25, 2011 /

W Retreat Kanai
Richard Meier & Partners
Riviera Maya, Mexico

The architectural material palette complements the dramatic interplay of stark architectural forms, light and shadow.

Galleria Centercity by UNStudio in Cheonan, South Korea. Interior
Photo: Christian Richters
April 18, 2011 /

Galleria Centercity

Situated some 80 km south of Seoul, Cheonan is well connected to the capital by railway and road, with a new high speed rail link having recently been completed.

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