Agora Theater exterior landscape Features
January 21, 2008 /

Agora Theater
Lelystad, The Netherlands

The Agora Theatre is part of the masterplan for Lelystad by Adriaan Geuze, which aims to revitalize the pragmatic, sober town centre.

Nordpark Cable Railway Congress Station by Zaha Hadid Architects in Innsbruck, Austria.
Photo: Thomas Mayer Features
January 14, 2008 /

Nordpark Cable Railway
Zaha Hadid Architects
Innsbruck, Austria

The 1.8 km long Nordpark Cable Railway, comprised of four new stations and a cable-stayed suspension bridge over the river Inn, takes you from the center of Innsbruck to the top of the mountain in less than half an hour.

January 14, 2008 /

Hotel Burnham - Reliance Building

Antunovich Associates
Chicago, Illinois

The Reliance Building was reborn as the Hotel Burnham in October 1999 in the heart of Chigaco.

SANAA - New Museum - Exterior Features
December 17, 2007 /

New Museum
New York, New York, USA

A glimmering metal mesh-clad stack of boxes shifted off axis in a dynamic composition.

Palace of Justice Section by Mecanoo architecten in Delft, The Netherlands. Rendering.
Photo courtesy Macanoo

December 17, 2007 /

Palace of Justice
Mecanoo architecten
Córdoba, Spain

Can such a large building refer distinctly to the old city of Córdoba, and its unique history, without literally imitating it?

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