Municipal Offices and Station rendering
Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten
July 23, 2007 /

Municipal Offices and Station
Mecanoo architecten
Delft, The Netherlands

The starting point for Mecanoo's design is an interweaving of the city's history with the future. Travellers arriving at the station will experience Delft as a city not only with a rich history but also as one of technological ingenuity.

Foster & Partners - Millau Viaduct - Bridge (detail) Features
July 23, 2007 /

Millau Viaduct
Norman Foster & Partners
Gorge du Tarn, France

Bridges are often considered to belong to the engineer's realm rather than the architect's. But the architecture of infrastructure has a powerful impact on the environment.

Chilterns Gateway Centre in Dunstable Downs, United Kingdom, by Architype
Exterior roof detail
Photo: Leigh Simpson
July 16, 2007 /

Chilterns Gateway Centre
Dunstable Downs, United Kingdom

The new Chilterns Gateway Centre is located on an exceptionally windy site at Bedfordshire's highest point, 798 feet above sea level.

Musée d’Art Moderne (MUDAM) by I.M. Pei Architect in Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Photo © Thomas Mayer Features
July 13, 2007 /

Musée d’Art Moderne (MUDAM)
I.M. Pei Architect
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Situated among the embankment walls that originally surrounded the arrow-shaped inner fort, thus merging with the rich history of the site.

Tatarstan National Library by Erick van Egeraat in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan
Photo courtesy Erick van Egeraat Features
July 09, 2007 /

Tatarstan National Library
Erick van Egeraat
Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan

Resembling an open book, the library's two main towers give a face to the previously undefined space.

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