July 20, 2009 /

Blog: The Wånas Foundation
Knislinge, Sweden

Since 1987 Wanås has presented contemporary international art with a focus on sculpture and site-specific installations... By Kirsten Kiser, Editor-In-Chief.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA in Shenzhen, China. Photo courtesy OMA Features
July 13, 2009 /

Shenzhen Creative Center
Shenzhen, China

OMA, in collaboration with Shenzhen based architects Urbanus, were awarded first prize in the design competition for a major new cultural center, transport hub, and public landmark in the heart of the city of Shenzhen, southern China.

New Acropolis Museum by Bernard Tschumi Architects in Athens, Greece. Interior.Photo: Peter Mauss/Esto Features
July 13, 2009 /

New Acropolis Museum
Bernard Tschumi Architects
Athens, Greece

Located in Athens's historic area of Makryianni, the New Acropolis Museum stands less than 1,000 ft southeast of the Parthenon, at the entrance of a network of pedestrian walkways that link the key archaeological sites and monuments of the Acropolis.

Giraffe House by LAM architects in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Photo: Franken Architecturalphotography
July 06, 2009 /

Giraffe House
LAM architects
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A project that fits the ambitions of the Rotterdam Zoo where sustainability is one of the key issues.

MA: Andalucia’s Museum of Memory exterior by day, courtyard 
Photo: Fernando Alda Features
July 06, 2009 /

MA: Andalucia’s Museum of Memory
Alberto Campo Baeza
Granada, Spain

The MA building is in line with the Central Headquarters of the Caja Granada Savings Bank that Campo Baeza completed in 2001.

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