New National Gallery in Nuuk, Greenland, by BIG
Image courtesy BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group Features
February 14, 2011 /

New National Gallery
Nuuk, Greenland

Located on a steep slope overlooking the most beautiful of Greenland's fjords, the new National Gallery will serve as a cultural and architectural icon for the people of Greenland, combining the country's historical and contemporary art in one dynamic institution.

L&M Arts by wHY Architecture in Venice, California, USA. Exterior landscape
Photo: Iwan Baan Features
February 14, 2011 /

L&M Arts
Venice, California, USA

L&M Arts is a commercial art gallery conceived as pavilions in the garden. The entire site is a venue for art with sculpture installed throughout the site, both indoors and out.

Giant Interactive Group interior view
Photo: Iwan Baan
February 07, 2011 /

Giant Interactive Group
Shanghai, China

Situated amid existing canals and a new man made lake, the undulating office building interacts with an augmented ground plane, joining architecture to landscape, and environment to site.

Image courtesy BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group 
BIG - Waste-to-Energy Plant - Features
January 31, 2011 /

Waste-to-Energy Plant
Copenhagen, Denmark

Located in an industrial area near the city center the new Waste-to-Energy plant will be an exemplary model in the field of waste management and energy production, as well as an architectural landmark in the cityscape of Copenhagen.

January 26, 2011 /

Estudio Entresitio

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