By Ken Yeang Bookcase
February 25, 2008 /

ECODESIGN - A Manual for Ecological Design
By Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang reconstructs and revisions how and why our current design approach and perception of architecture must radically change if we are to ensure a sustainable future. Publisher: Wiley-Academy

PTW - Watercube - Interior Features
February 18, 2008 /

Beijing, China

The Watercube associates water as a structural and conceptual "Leitmotiv" with the square, the primal shape of the house in Chinese tradition and mythology.

Make It Right by Pugh + Scarpa in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Rendering
Image courtesy Pugh + Scarpa Features
February 18, 2008 /

Make It Right
Pugh + Scarpa
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Make It Right's goal is to join the history of the Lower 9th Ward with creative new architectural solutions mindful of environmental and personal safety concerns in order to encourage both the evolution of aesthetic distinctiveness and the conscientious awareness of natural surroundings.

Cumulus (Danfoss Universe) by J. Mayer H. architects in Nordborg, Denmark. Exterior landscape.
Photo courtesy: J. Mayer H. Architects Features
February 11, 2008 /

J. Mayer H. architects
Nordborg, Denmark

Danfoss Universe is a 5.5 hectar science museum park embedded in the agricultural landscape of Nordborg, next to the founder's home and the Danfoss HQ.

Arezzo Law Court by Studio Nicoletti in Arezzo, Italy. Exterior view. Photo courtesy Studio  Nicoletti
February 04, 2008 /

Arezzo Law Court
Studio Nicoletti
Arezzo, Italy

The new Arezzo Law Court building, housing the main courtrooms and the Hall of Justice President's headquarters, is linked to a neoclassical building, once a large hospital, that will be restored and used for offices and archives.

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