The Embassy of the Netherlands by OMA in Berlin, Germany. Corner. 
Photo: Christian Richters Features
March 10, 2008 /

Netherland's Embassy
Berlin, Germany

The client demanded a solitary building, integrating requirements of conventional civil service security with Dutch openness.

Sliced Porosity Block by Steven Holl Architects in Chengdu, China. 
Photo: Iwan Baan Features
March 03, 2008 /

Sliced Porosity Block
Steven Holl Architects
Chengdu, China

The site is developed to maximize public open space and to stimulate micro-urbanism.

HL23 by Neil Denari Architects in New York, USA
Photo courtesy Neil Denari Architects Features
March 03, 2008 /

Neil Denari Architects
New York, USA

Denari's special vision of architecture will finally take full physical form when construction begins in New York City on the first free-standing building of his career.

Concrete Canopy by Serero Architects in Saint Cyprien, France. Interior view.
Photo courtesy Serero Architects Features
February 26, 2008 /

Concrete Canopy
Serero Architects
Saint Cyprien, France

The Concrete Canopy building is located in the middle of a park with sycamore, acacia, oak and poplar trees.

By Ken Yeang Bookcase
February 25, 2008 /

ECODESIGN - A Manual for Ecological Design
By Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang reconstructs and revisions how and why our current design approach and perception of architecture must radically change if we are to ensure a sustainable future. Publisher: Wiley-Academy

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