The National Art Center by Kisho Kurokawa in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: arcspace Features
November 13, 2006 /

The National Art Center
Kisho Kurokawa
Tokyo, Japan

The National Art Center, Japan's largest exhibition facility, connects with the Roppongi downtown as an extension of the street. As the trees surrounding the building grow the atrium will become a forested public space.

November 06, 2006 /

Blog: "Shopping" in Tokyo - Omotesando area
Tokyo, Japan

A city of dreams for anyone interested in architecture and design. By Kirsten Kiser, Editor-In-Chief.

Art Pavilion by René van Zuuk Architekten in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. The Imagination exterior landscape
Photo © Christian Richters
October 30, 2006 /

Art Pavilion
René van Zuuk Architekten
Zeewolde, The Netherlands

The Art Pavilion is situated on a narrow peninsula, surrounded by green slopes, at the end of the seven kilometer Verbeelding artroute which runs through the centre of Zeewolde, the De Wetering landscape park, the woods and across the Randmeren dike.

October 30, 2006 /

Park Hotel Tokyo
Frederic Thomas
Tokyo, Japan

The Park Hotel Tokyo places itself at the core of Japan's new networking generation. It is located downtown Tokyo in a futuristic area of skyscrapers and elevated pedestrian walkways that connect buildings and train stations.

Clarke Quay exterior view from above
Photo courtesy SMC ALSOP Features
October 23, 2006 /

Clarke Quay
Alsop Architects
Singapore, Singapore

Alsop's first major project in Asia, a dramatic redevelopment of the river front district of Clarke Quay in Singapore, gives the area a new identity and repositions Clarke Quay as a vibrant and attractive destination.

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