University of Cincinnati
Campus Recreation Center Features
June 28, 2010 /

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Campus Recreation Center at the University of Cincinnati ties together incongruous buildings into a unified expression. Both keystone and connector, the building encourages social exchange and harnesses flows onto the campus green.

Let’s Get Lost
Timothy Yarger Fine Art
Photo © Jim McHugh
The Cocoanut Grove Exhibitions
June 21, 2010 /

Let’s Get Lost
Timothy Yarger Fine Art
Beverly Hills, California, USA
On view: May 22, 2010 - June 30, 2010

A series of photographs of Los Angeles captured on Polaroid film by Jim McHugh.

MNBAQ by OMA in Québec, Canada. Image courtesy OMA Features
June 14, 2010 /

Québec, Canada

OMA's first project in Canada aims to integrate the building with the surrounding park and initiate new links with the city.

Linked Hybrid by Steven Holl Architects in Beijing, China. Exterior.
Photo © Iwan Baan Features
June 07, 2010 /

Linked Hybrid
Steven Holl Architects
Beijing, China

The Linked Hybrid complex in Beijing aims to counter the current privatized urban developments in China by creating a twenty-first century porous urban space - inviting and open to the public from every side.

Fountain of Toys Exhibitions
May 31, 2010 /

Greg Lynn: Fountain of Toys
Hammer Museum
Los Angeles, California, USA
On view: May 21, 2010 - September 26, 2010

Fountain of Toys, the new sculptural work by Los Angeles-based architect Greg Lynn, is sited in the Museum's outdoor courtyard.

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