FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Centre by Mecanoo architecten in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Photo: Christian Richters
September 15, 2008 /

FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Centre
Mecanoo architecten
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

FiftyTwoDegrees is the realisation of the first phase of a large-scale master plan surrounding the Neerbosscheweg. The 86 meter tall tower stands on a slope and is fluidly yet excitingly absorbed into surrounding Goffert Park.

Iwan Baan Contemporary Architectural Photographs Exhibitions
September 15, 2008 /

Iwan Baan: Contemporary Architectural Photographs
AA Gallery
London, United Kingdom
On view: November 11, 2008 - December 11, 2008

The exhibition showcases recent architectural photography by the young and increasingly influential Dutch photographer Iwan Baan.

Chase Center RISD Museum of Art exterior 
Photo: Warren Jagger Photography/courtesy RISD Museum of Art Features
September 08, 2008 /

Chase Center RISD Museum of Art
Rafael Moneo
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The Rhode Island School of Design has announced the public opening of The Chase Center. The much-anticipated building, the premiere exhibition space for RISD students on campus, will become a major focal point on North Main Street.

Architecture Now! 5
September 01, 2008 /

Architecture Now! 5
By Philip Jodidio

Now in its fifth installment, the Architecture Now! series is an ongoing project documenting the work of the most innovative and influential architects across the globe. Publisher: Taschen.

Exhibition Pavilion by Sverre Fehn in Oslo, Norway
Photo: Thomas Mayer Features
September 01, 2008 /

Exhibition Pavilion
Sverre Fehn
Oslo, Norway

The new Architecture Museum is located in one of Norway's first monumental Empire Style buildings, designed by Christian Grosch in 1830, and a four-story building that was added in 1910.

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