April 13, 2017 /

What's New On The Bookshelf? April 2017

In need for some reading during this year's Easter holiday? Our top five this month covers topics such as the Mexican-American Border, governmental security in the wake of terror attacks in Norway, and domestic Japanese architecture. Furthermore we'll provide an insight into Urban Squatting as practiced in Europe as well as the teaching philosophy at ALICE in Lausanne. Happy Easter!

The Column
April 12, 2017 /

Livabilitization - Numbing the Urban Experience

The term livability tends to sum up what we associate with the welfare of a city, its architecture, and broader urban development. Livability suggests that quality of life is the holy grail of city competitiveness but current definitions create a clear hierarchy where architecture and design is at the top. Jeff Risom from Gehl ponders whether this is actually the case.

April 10, 2017 /

University Campus UTEC
Grafton Architects
Lima, Peru

Grafton Architects have described their design for a new campus for Peru’s Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnologia (UTEC) variously as a ‘vertical campus,’ an ‘arena for learning,’ and a ‘man-made cliff.’

April 06, 2017 /

What’s On - Architectural Exhibitions and Events, April 2017

Once again, we've hand picked a couple of the most exciting new exhibitions and events for you. For the month of April, we highly recommend you to pay the city of Aarhus a visit to get a unique insight into the character of architecture. Also, DAC is celebrating the 150 years of diplomatic relation between Denmark and Japan through a retrospective exhibition on the works of Japanese architect, Sambuichi. Furthermore, we'll guide you to Barcelona, Milan, Chicago as well as Nantes.

April 05, 2017 /

Rozana Montiel
Veracruz, Mexico

Rozana Montiel uses an elemental architectural addition to transform a residual open space into a generous public amenity.

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