What's New on the Bookshelves? Christmas edition

December 19, 2014 /

The holiday season's most noteworthy new book releases ranges from a beautifully illustrated book investigating the library as typology and a sociological study on the metamorphosis of New York's Far West District. Plus, a fascinating look at the rising importance of infrastructure,  multifaceted perspectives on the notion of scale and a study on the role of architecture in the films of David Lynch.

First off, Bjarne Hammer from the Copenhagen-based architecture firm schmidt hammer lassen - known for a number of high-profile cultural buildings including library projects in Canada, Scotland, Sweden and Denmark - investigate the relationship between the written word and the public buildings housing it in a beautiful and richly, illustrated book straight-forwardly titled Libraries.

Then, poignant study of sociologist David Halle and art historian Elisabeth Tiso's poignant analysis of New York's rapidly transforming Far West District in New York's New Edge and Keller Easterling's remarkable and provocative investigation of the increasingly important role of infrastructure, Extrastatecraft.

The most recent issue of AD Primer, Touch the City, guest-edited by architect and urbanist Timothy Makower, explores the concept of scale and how it manifests itself on different levels in the built environment: the cities, the buildings, in the space between them and in their details. Looking at historic cities, Makower asks what can we learn from the old to inform the new?

Finally, gear up for the recently announced, highly anticipated return of Twin Peaks in 2016 with Richard Martin's compelling study of the role architecture and design in the work of enigmatic director David Lynch, in whose films mysterious, symbol-laden spaces often play a central role in the plot.

Happy reading - and holidays!

books-dec2014- Libraries.jpg


by Bjarne Hammer

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books-dec2014- New York's New Edge.jpg

New York's New Edge: Contemporary Art, the High Line, and Urban Megaprojects on the Far West Side

by David Halle

Amazon UK

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Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space

by Keller Easterling

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Touching the City: Thoughts on Urban Scale (AD Primer)

by Timothy Makower

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books-dec2014- The Architecture of David Lynch.jpg

The Architecture of David Lynch

by Richard Martin

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For more recommendations, read architectural critic Hans Ibeling's guide to noteworthy book releases of the year here.

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