Richard Rogers Complete Works - Volume 1 & 2
By Kenneth Powell

November 12, 2001 /
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Powell's thoughtful essays give an insight into Rogers' personal development, references and ways of working (...) plotting Rogers' career with clarity and setting the stage for the individual buildings./The Architects Journal

Richard Rogers is an internationally respected architect, responsible for many landmark buildings around the world, and a passionate advocate of architectural quality in the built environment.

Sketch courtesy Richard Rogers
Zip Up House (1968 - 71)

Volume One, covering the period between 1961 and 1987, features all of Rogers' early work, including projects from Yale, with Norman Foster and Team 4, his partnership with Sue Rogers and Renzo Piano, through the formation of the Richard Rogers Partnership.  Essays discuss the critical periods of change and the projects completed during each phase, most notably the Pompidou Centre in Paris and Lloyds of London.

3.Rogers.jpgPhoto courtesy Richard Rogers Partnership
LLoyds of London (1978 - 86)

The second volume of the "Complete Works" looks at the further work of the Richard Rogers Partnership during the dramatic economic and political changes in the boom-bust years between 1987 and 1993. It features many projects and competitions, such as the Tomigaya Exhibition Building in Tokyo, alongside spectacular buildings that have come to fruition towards the end of the century, such as the Daimler-Chrysler buildings on Potsdamerplatz, Berlin, and the Bordeaux Law Courts.

4.Rogers.jpg Photo: Kirsten Kiser
Daimler-Chrysler buildings (1991 - 99)

5.Rogers.jpg Photo: Kirsten Kiser
Bordeaux Law Courts (1992 - 98)

Kenneth Powell has spoken to the key figures involved with each of the projects and writes in-depth about the collaborative spirit of the practice, the increasing need for low-energy buildings and the development of major urban interventions and city planning.

Kenneth Powell contributes to many architectural journals, is a consultant director of the Twentieth Century Society and is a former architecture correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. 

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