Santiago Calatrava: The Architect's Studio

December 09, 2009 /

Henry Art Gallery

On view: July 14, 2004 - November 21, 2004

The exhibition Santiago Calatrava: The Architect's Studio affords a first-hand view of Calatrava's renowned and groundbreaking designs, his creative working process, as well as an experiential perspective on his built projects.

Photo: arcspace
Photo: arcspace

Visitors navigate working materials, original sketchbooks, and works in-progress to experience the span of Calatrava's career. Videos create the sense of moving in and through his built works and across bridges.

Photo: arcspace
Photo: arcspace
Photo: arcspace

The Architect's Studio also explores Calatrava's dynamic process in the milieu of the architect's studio, including the way its floor is strewn with sketches of figures in motion and charging bulls.

Photo: arcspace

The exhibition is organized for the Henry Art Gallery by independent curator Kirsten Kiser (Editor-in-Chief of arcspace) with Curatorial Coordinator, Jordan Howland.

Photo: arcspace

The Santiago Calatrava: The Architect's Studio exhibition catalog is presented as a sketchbook, of more than 50 color sketches, with an enclosed CD-Rom that documents 30 projects, including sculptures and furniture, with color photos, complete texts, and five QuickTime videos.

Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesFirst Sketchbook 1981
Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesStudies for "Bird" Sculptures, Secret Sketchbook I 1995
Photo courtesy Santiago Calatrava archives
Photo courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesLyon-Satolas TGV Station

The many projects presented range from Calatrava's early 1980s buildings, the Stadelhofen Station in Zürich, Ernstings Warehouse in Coesfeld-Lette and the Lyon - Satolas TGV Station in Lyon, to the latest projects, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Tenerife Concert Hall, the Athens 2004 Olympic Sports Complex, City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, the new Path Terminal at the World Trade Center in New York, "Turning Torso" in Malmø, the tallest apartment building in Europe, and several extraordinary bridges including the latest design for the Light Rail Train Bridge in Jerusalem.

Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesSecret Sketchbook I 1995
Photo courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesPlanetarium/IMAX Theater
Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesMilwaukee Art Museum, Sketchbook 1995
Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesWTC Path Terminal 2003-, Sketchbook 2003
Sketch courtesy Santiago Calatrava archivesSketchbook 2000

The exhibition is on view July 17 through November 21, 2004


CALATRAVA: The Architect's Studio

88 Pages and CD-Rom
Format: 14 x 18.5 centimeter (5.5 x 7.3 inches)
Editor: Kirsten Kiser
CD-Rom: Johan Gade and arcspace
Publisher: Arvinius Förlag

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