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Location: Spain

Villaverde Municipal Health Care Center by Estudio Entresitio in Madrid, Spain. Photo: Roland Halbe
January 27, 2014 /

Villaverde Municipal Health Care Center
Estudio Entresitio
Madrid, Spain

Villaverde’s Health Care Center by Madrid-based architectural office estudio.entresitio is the third building in a set of “triplet” healthcare centers built and repeated almost identically. Breaking with the standard single-building commission, the Healthcare Center has now been recreated three times with small variations. Villaverde’s Center is certainly one fine result.

November 18, 2013 /

Offices for the Castilla León Government in Zamora
Alberto Campo Baeza
Castilla y León, Spain

Madrid-based architect Alberto Campo Baeza has created the new headquarters for the Castilla León region’s government, located in the ancient heart of the city facing Zamora’s old cathedral. The design offers a successful mix of glass minimalism and a smart site-location strategy. Like a Babushka doll the building’s first layer is an enclosing stonewall, then a garden of air and finally a completely transparent glass house.

Funeral Home in Sant Joan Despí by Batlle i Roig Arquitectes in Barcelona, Spain. Exterior view. Exterior view. Photo: Jordi Surroca
November 11, 2013 /

Funeral Home in Sant Joan Despí
Batlle i Roig Arquitectes
Barcelona, Spain

Spanish architects Batlle i Roig have always been internationally recognized for their fantastic work in landscape architecture. Their buildings are no less interesting as this new funeral home located in Sant Joan Despí competently illustrates. The building features the kind of class and simplicity in architecture that you might appreciate in many modern classic buildings, yet combined with great contemporary landscape design.

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