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Category: Sustainable

Rokkō Shidare Observatory by Sambuichi Architects in Kobe, Japan. 
Exterior view. Photo: arcspace
April 03, 2013 /

Rokkō Shidare Observatory
Sambuichi Architects
Kobe, Japan

The Rokkō Shidare Observatory in Kobe, Japan, is an unusual observatory. It is perched on the top of Mount Rokkō almost a thousand yards above sea level, but here, rather than to observe the surrounding landscape, visitors are meant to witness nature and its shifting states.

Casanova + Hernandez architects
Ceramic Museum and Garden
November 19, 2012 /

Ceramic Museum and Garden
Casanova + Hernandez architects
Jinzhou, China

Using old ceramic tiles and recycled materials the Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Garden will not only be an example of a sustainable project but also link the museum's identity to the local culture.

Museum of Liverpool exterior 
Photo: Phillip Handforth
July 18, 2012 /

Museum of Liverpool
Liverpool, England

Located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, between the Albert Dock and the Pier Head, and next to a row of prominent historic buildings dubbed "The Three Graces" the museum building is conceived as inclined or elevated platforms, gradually forming a sculptural structure.

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