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Category: Skyscrapers

Turning Torso by Santiago Calatrava in Malmö, Sweden
Photo: arcspace
September 05, 2005 /

Turning Torso
Santiago Calatrava
Malmö, Sweden

The 190 meter tall concrete and steel tower turns 90 degrees from bottom to top.

SANAA - New Museum - Exterior
December 17, 2007 /

New Museum
New York, New York, USA

A glimmering metal mesh-clad stack of boxes shifted off axis in a dynamic composition.

Torre Agbar by Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Barcelona, Spain, exterior
Photo ©Thomas Mayer
January 02, 2006 /

Torre Agbar
Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Barcelona, Spain

The building houses the new headquarters for Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar), the municipal water company.

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