Alberto Campo Baeza

November 18, 2013 /

Offices for the Castilla León Government in Zamora
Alberto Campo Baeza
Castilla y León, Spain

Madrid-based architect Alberto Campo Baeza has created the new headquarters for the Castilla León region’s government, located in the ancient heart of the city facing Zamora’s old cathedral. The design offers a successful mix of glass minimalism and a smart site-location strategy. Like a Babushka doll the building’s first layer is an enclosing stonewall, then a garden of air and finally a completely transparent glass house.

Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Campo Baeza in Garrison, New York, USA exterior landscape
Photo: Javier Callejas
October 19, 2009 /

Olnick Spanu House
Alberto Campo Baeza
Garrison, New York, USA

Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, New York, a plane is established that underlines the landscape, seeking to enhance it.

MA: Andalucia’s Museum of Memory exterior by day, courtyard 
Photo: Fernando Alda
July 06, 2009 /

MA: Andalucia’s Museum of Memory
Alberto Campo Baeza
Granada, Spain

The MA building is in line with the Central Headquarters of the Caja Granada Savings Bank that Campo Baeza completed in 2001.

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