Tampa Covenant Church
Alfonso Architects

December 13, 2010 /

Tampa, Florida, USA

Photo: Al Hurley

A complete site redesign of Tampa Covenant Churchin in Florida includes parking, lighting and landscaping.

The program included a new freestanding church building comprised of a worship sanctuary, administrative offices, and classrooms for an existing congregation of 450. In addition, the project required the renovation of two existing single level buildings, one from the 1960's and one from the 1990's, and a complete site redesign including parking, lighting and landscaping. 

To establish an intimate church campus the Alfonso Architects designed a new exterior courtyard to act as a catalyst for community interaction, and as the physical nexus joining new and existing buildings.

Photo: Al Hurley

Integrative natural elements were used to manifest the congregation's theological sensitivities in terms of physicality of the space. The Fibonacci sequence of natural proportions was the underlying basis for the chancel area. The careful positioning of elements (chapel, walls, cross, and "red scoop") also harmonize with the ever widening spiral design.

Photo: Al Hurley

Photo: Al Hurley

Photo: Al Hurley

The many architectural features of the project were derived from theological precedence while reflecting quantities of numerical biblical importance (i.e. 3 olive trees, 12 office windows, 14 pendant lights, 7 candle boxes, etc).

Photo: Al Hurley

The fourteen chandeliers represent the fourteen biblical stations of the cross. Additionally, each chandelier is etched with an individual set of rings that when laid over a melodic score, notate the first fourteen pitches of the scared hymn "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded."

Photo: Al Hurley

The carbon steel candle box has seven  compartments representing the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest.

Photo: Al Hurley

Alberto Alfonso designed the hand etched stucco engraving, located in the passage under the bell tower structure, that welcomes parishioners to the sanctuary.

Photo: Al Hurley

Photo: Al Hurley

Photo: Al Hurley

Natural light, evidenced by the use of skylights and candlelight, as well as the focused use of wood and stone contribute to the important communion of human beings and their natural environment.

Sketch courtesy Alfonso Architects

Drawing courtesy Alfonso Architects Site Plan

Drawing courtesy Alfonso Architects First Floor Plan

Drawing courtesy Alfonso Architects Second Floor Plan

Model photo courtesy Alfonso Architects

Facts about Tampa Covenant Church

Total area:

7,600 ft2

Lead Designer:

Alberto Alfonso


Angel del Monte

Construction Manager:

John Jazesf

General Contractor:

J.B.D Construction, Inc


Tampa Covenant Church

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