Ice Sports Center
Berger + Parkkinen

February 11, 2013 /

Vienna, Austria

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

The Ice Sports Center in Vienna appears as a state-of-the-art ice arena with three skating rinks, providing seats for 7,000 spectators in the big arena, and up to 3,000 in the smaller one.

The strong architectural image of the new stadium complex gives no hint, that it is an extension and refurbishment of the outdated "Albert Schultz" ice rink, a building from the early nineties that did not provide capability to accommodate up to date ice hockey.

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

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Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

The first impression is inviting and transparent. The huge structure of the three roofs seems to easily span the three ice rinks. It creates a generous space for a "promenade architecturale" that permits a sequence of insights and perspectives into the stadiums and onto the fields where the action is taking place.

The handling of light, transparency, materiality and construction forms a continuous architectural guideline, within which different areas with individual atmospheres have been developed. Every stadium, as well as the restaurant, the "public area", the "golden club" and the "sky lounge" forms a clear statement and has its appropriate position in the ensemble.

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

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Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen 

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

The relation between inside and outside is increased by the public paths that lead through the compound. The forecourts and loggias offer attractive public spaces at the entrance to the future "cherry-blossom-park." The new ice-sports-center is not planned as introverted event machinery but as an active and open factor in its urban context.

Photo courtesy Berger + Parkkinen

The site of the Ice-Sports-Center, with its new dimension, fits into the future urban development of the area. The architecture permits a continuous free view from the outside into the stadiums as well as from the inside of the stadiums into the public areas. Thereby it generates an interlacing of the surrounding urban space with the action taking place inside.

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Drawing courtesy Berger + Parkkinen
Site Plan

Drawing courtesy Berger + Parkkinen
Level One Plan

Drawing courtesy Berger + Parkkinen
Section Halle 1

Drawing courtesy Berger + Parkkinen
Section Halle 3

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Facts about Ice Sports Center

Site Area:

23,800 m2

Gross Floor Area:

40.300 m2

Build Area:

16,100 m2




Eissport Errichtungs- Betriebs- & Management GmbH

Project leader:

Alfred Berger

Project Team:

Matthias Bachl
Lucas Schuh
Margarete Dietrich
Antonia Kögl,
Damian Bachul
Wolfgang Glatzner
Sven Kremer
Arianna Marino
Emanuele Pelliccioni
Javier Sancho

General Consultants:

Vasko + Partner Ingenieure ZT GmbH, Vienna

Landscape Architects:

AgenceTER, Paris

Last updated: December 19, 2013

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