Brooks + Scarpa

June 15, 2017 /

The Six
Brooks + Scarpa
Los Angeles, California, USA

MacArthur Park in Los Angeles is one of the most dense neighborhoods in the United States. The neighborhood's newest infill project, The Six—a gleaming white open-concept box—embodies a new approach to the design of public housing, while providing much-needed accommodation for the city’s community of disabled veterans.

Step Up on Fifth by Pugh + Scarpa in Santa Monica, California, USA. Window details
Photo: John Edward Linden
June 01, 2009 /

Step Up on Fifth
Brooks + Scarpa
Santa Monica, California, USA

A striking yet light-hearted exterior makes the new building a welcome landmark in downtown Santa Monica.

Make It Right by Pugh + Scarpa in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Rendering
Image courtesy Pugh + Scarpa
February 18, 2008 /

Make It Right
Brooks + Scarpa
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Make It Right's goal is to join the history of the Lower 9th Ward with creative new architectural solutions mindful of environmental and personal safety concerns in order to encourage both the evolution of aesthetic distinctiveness and the conscientious awareness of natural surroundings.

Solar Umbrella by Pugh + Scarpa in Venice, California, USA. Exterior
Photo: Marvin Rand
August 01, 2005 /

Solar Umbrella
Brooks + Scarpa
Venice, California, USA

Nestled in a neighborhood of single story bungalows, on a 41x100 foot through lot, the Solar Umbrella addition transforms the architects' existing 650 square foot bungalow into a 1900 square foot residence equipped for responsible living in the twenty-first century.

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