Daniel Libeskind

Academy of the Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind in Berlin, Germany. Photo © Bitter Bredt
December 17, 2012 /

Academy of the Jewish Museum
Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind’s design for the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin links the building to the museum’s other structures and open spaces, both thematically and structurally.

Michael Lee-Chin Crystal by Daniel Libeskind in Toronto, Canada. Photo © Royal Ontario Museum
October 19, 2009 /

Michael Lee-Chin Crystal
Daniel Libeskind
Toronto, Canada

The Royal Ontario Museum project set out to renovate ten new galleries in the existing historical building and creating an extension to the museum, now called the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

The Ascent by Daniel Libeskind in Covington, Kentucky, USA. Photo © BitterBredt
May 26, 2008 /

The Ascent
Daniel Libeskind
Covington, Kentucky, USA

Curving to maximize the views of both the river and the surrounding hillsides, its windows will reflect the sky and river images.

Frederic C. Hamilton Building by Daniel Libeskind in Denver, Colorado, USA.  Photo © John Boak
October 09, 2006 /

Frederic C. Hamilton Building
Daniel Libeskind
Denver, Colorado, USA

Libeskind's design consists of geometric, titanium-clad angles, which reflect the nearby Rocky Mountain peaks and rock crystals.

Master plan for Ørestaden by Daniel Libeskind.
Photo courtesy NCC Property Development
August 21, 2006 /

Daniel Libeskind
Copenhagen, Denmark

The area designed by Libeskind is located at a major junction between the motorway and the railroad, with access to Copenhagen Airport and Sweden, and the new Metro that connects Ørestaden with the center of Copenhagen.

Imperial War Museum by Daniel Libeskind in Manchester, United Kingdom.  Photo: arcspace
April 18, 2005 /

Imperial War Museum
Daniel Libeskind
Manchester, United Kingdom

The Imperial War Museum is located on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal on the Trafford wharfside of Salford Quays. The design concept is based on the globe, broken into three fragments to depict the shattering effect of war on the history of the world.

Danish Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Jens Lindhe
July 07, 2003 /

Danish Jewish Museum
Daniel Libeskind
Copenhagen, Denmark

The intertwining of the old vaulted brick space, and the unexpected connection to the unique exhibition space, creates a dynamic dialogue between architecture of the past and of the future - the newness of the old and the agelessness of the new.

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