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January 05, 2009 /

Toronto, Canada

Photo: Thomas Mayer The expansion and renovation of the AGO increases the exhibition space by nearly half the original size and reorganizes the internal circulation within the museum.

The Museum's main exterior has been transformed by the addition of an elevated facade, made of gently curving glass and Douglas Fir, which stretches a full city block. This facade, which encloses a sculpture promenade, allows for natural light to enter the building and connects the gallery to the community outside.

Photo: Thomas Mayer
Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

A new titanium and glass-clad three-story south wing, overlooking Grange Park, was added to house a new Centre for Contemporary Art and a hosting centre for special events.

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

The main entry lobby has been relocated to align the entrance with the historical core of the museum. A "Meeting Place" at the corner of Dundas and McCaul Street is accessible to pedestrians and includes retail shops, restaurants, a theatre, and a space for contemporary art projects.

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer The integration of natural light throughout the building, including a new glass roof over Walker Court and a light-filled walkway around its upper perimeter, brings light into the core of the building.

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

A sculptural spiral staircase arises from the 2nd floor walkways around Walker Court, through the glass roof, to each level of the new south wing.

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Light and exposure of the surrounding environment are key elements in the renovation of AGO. Natural light from multiple skylights in the galleries as well as the glass facades enhance the viewing experience within the museum.

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Extensive glazing on both the north and south facades allow visitors to experience the surrounding cityscape from the Gallery interior.

Photo: Thomas Mayer

ago_21.jpgPhoto: Thomas Mayer 

The new AGO is Toronto born Frank Gehry's first building in Canada and marks the very place where he made the initial connection between art and architecture.

Sketch courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

Model photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

Model photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP

Drawing courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP
North Elevation

Drawing photo courtesy Gehry Partners, LLP
East Elevation

Facts about AGO

Total area:

550,000 ft2
Renovation area of 182,000 ft2
New construction area: 96,000 ft2

Gehry Partners, LLP

Design Partner:

Frank Gehry

Project Designer:

Craig Webb
Project Partner: Brian Aamoth
Project Manager / Architect: Jeffrey Wauer
Project Team:
Laura Bachelder
Susan Beningfield
Henry Brawner
Peter Buffington
Zach Burns
Lisa Cage
Cara Cragan
Rogan Ferguson
Craig Gilbert
Elizabeth Grace
Jeff Guga
Leif Halverson
Dave Hardie
Patrick Hwang
Randy Jefferson
Su Kim
Nathalie Kull
Julie Lai
Natalie Magarian
Colby Mayes
George Metzger
David Pakshong
Apurva Pande
John Passmore
Doug Pierson
Ron Rosel
Jason Tax
Lauren Taylor
Karen Tom
Stephen Traeger
Aaron Turner
Monica Valtierra Day
Heather Waters
Adam Wheeler
Structural Engineer: Halcrow Yolles Engineering, Inc
Mechanical Engineer: H.H. Angus
Electrical Engineer: Mulvey + Banani International, Inc.
Lighting Consultant: L'Observatoire International
Civil Engineer: R.V. Anderson Assoicates, Ltd.
Acoustical Engineer: Aercoustics Engineering Limited
Historical Architectural Consultant: ERA Architects

Photographed by Thomas Mayer

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