New offices
Gehry Partners, LLP

April 12, 2004 /

Marina del Rey, California, USA

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Gehry moves into 40,000 square foot warehouse and opens two new divisions, Gehry Design and Gehry Technologies.

The long grey warehouse building has been cut in half by a glass covered walkway, leading to the main entrance, separating Gehry Partners from the rental space in the front half.

Not yet finished the stucco exterior will have some corrugated metal highlights and possibly also chain link.... it has not been decided.

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Photo: arcspace

The interior is mostly plywood work stations and built-ins, glass skylights throughout the space and glass roll-up doors.  The concrete floors were left as before.

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Photo: arcspace

There are models everywhere in all shapes and sizes, countless sketches lying around, and computer screens showing three-dimensional images of buildings.

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Photo: arcspace

The original lamp pieces are made of vacuum formed paper, the final lamps will be made in plastic in some way. Design is ongoing.  The lamps will be manufactured by Belux.  

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Design process models for a line of door handles, door knobs, door pulls, and window pulls for Valli & Valli. Will be introduced at the Milan Furniture Fair in April.
A new aluminum chair for Emeco and several prototypes for Heller will also be displayed at the Milan Furniture Fair.

Frank Gehry is also designing a trophy for the World Cup of Hockey and his design for Wyborowa (pronounced vee-BOROH'-vah) Single Estate Polish vodka, a bottle and a limited edition wooden case, will launch exclusively in the U.S. market this spring.  

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Process models

Photo courtesy Hunter PR

Final bottle and crate design
And finally, to announce the May 7, 2004 inauguration, an early model shop photo of MIT's Stata Center.

Photo: arcspace P.S. Gehry Partner Edwin Chan, who worked with Gehry on the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Weisman Museum, the Corcoran, Le Clos Jordanne Winery, hotel at Marques de Riscal Winery, among many projects, is designing the sets for two operas in Los Angeles.

Both are directed by Billy Friedkin who made the movies "The French Connection" and "the Exorcist".

The first opera (coming this September) is Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss;
a farce about the making of an opera (Ariadne is based on the Greek mythology) within an opera.  The second opera is Tannhauser by Wagner for the 2005 season.

Photo courtesy Edwin Chan The first set from Ariadne auf Naxos,  "rich man's house", where a dinner banquet is taking place.  

Photo courtesy Edwin Chan

The first set of Tannhauser, "Venusburg", where he was held captive as a "sex slave" by the goddess Venus.

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