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October 15, 2012 /

Os, Norway

Photo Thomas Mayer

The Oseana - Art and Culture Center is located on Bjørnefjorden (the Bearfiord) with magnificent views of the Hardanger Mountains. The building houses a Gallery, an Auditorium, and a restaurant.

The brief called for a cultural center of high architectural quality and optimal energy and environmental solutions, as well as a strong dialog with the surrounding landscape.

Photo Thomas Mayer

Inspired by the Oselvar, the traditional small sailboat, the curved glazed facade facing the fiord is shaped like a sail. As part of the buildings energy measures the roof is equipped with the largest solar panel in Norway; 463 square meters.
The Main Hall is clad in Platinum Black slate from the Indian side of the Himalayas.

Photo Thomas Mayer
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Photo Thomas Mayer

Located on level two the lobby has direct access to the big terrace overlooking the fiord and the mountains. The lobby floor, as well as the paving on the viewing bridge above, is a Norwegian slate that relates to the rocky shoreline. The main auditorium is entered from the lobby.

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The art gallery and restaurant are both located on level one, behind the glazed facade, overlooking the landscape. The Gallery is built around the Grieg collection of art, consisting mainly of fine art paintings, but also has temporary exhibitions by other artists.

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The 490 seat auditorium, a rectangular box with flexible seating, is located behind the art gallery. The auditorium is entered from the lobby.

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Generally I try to meet a clients brief and the site conditions with an answer that expresses these conditions and reflects the positive values and means of the times we live in … with a poetic touch.

/Andreas Grieg

oseana_19.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Location Plan

oseana_20.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Plan Level One

oseana_21.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Level Two Plan

oseana_22.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Level Three Plan

oseana_23.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Longitudinal Section

oseana_24.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Cross Section

oseana_25.jpgDrawing courtesy Grieg Arkitekter AS
Wall Section

Facts about Oseana - Art & Culture Center

Gross internal floor area:


Architect: Grieg Arkitekter AS

Project team:

Andreas Grieg
Jeff Graves
Omar Ily
Franz Midtun
Sasha Niethe

Project Managers:

Straume Rådgivning

Structural & Fire Engineers:


Services & Electrical Consultant:


Acoustic Consultants:

Kilde Akustikk

Energy Consultants:

Kan Energi

Stage Consultant:

Kulturhusplan & Avab-Cac


Split contracts - 12

Interior Design:


Photographed by Thomas Mayer

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