Hodgetts + Fung

Sinclair Garden Pavilion by Hodgetts + Fung in Pasadena, California, USA. Photo: arcspace
October 06, 2003 /

Sinclair Garden Pavilion
Hodgetts + Fung
Pasadena, California, USA

The Sinclair Garden Pavilion is the first finished building of the Master Plan, a collaboration between Frank Gehry and Alvaro Siza, to expand the Pasadena campus.

Hollywood Bowl by Hodgetts + Fung in Hollywood, California, USA.
Photo courtesy Hodgetts + Fung
April 16, 2002 /

Hollywood Bowl
Hodgetts + Fung
Hollywood, California, USA

Devoted to preserving the rich history of this Los Angeles symbol, the largest natural amphitheater in the United States, Hodgetts + Fung has reinterpreted the Bowl's trademark creamy-white curvilinear shell while infusing advanced technologies to provide the world class acoustics originally envisioned by the founders.

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