Josef Paul Kleihues

The Kant Dreieck exterior weather vane
Photo: Helene Binét
January 07, 2001 /

The Kant Dreieck
Josef Paul Kleihues
Berlin, Germany

The Kant Dreieck is located near three buildings designed by Bernhard Sehring around the turn of the century: the Theater des Westerns, the Fasanenstrasse Artist Building, and the Delphi Palais de Danse (now a movie theater). The small square is planned to relate to the forecourt of Theater des Westerns.

Triangle Building exterior facade
Photo: arcspace
February 08, 1999 /

Triangle Building
Josef Paul Kleihues
Berlin, Germany

The Triangle Building is situated in the middle of the complex of buildings in the Friedrichstadt district known as the American Business Center. The site, within the orthogonal order of the Friedrichstadt district which was bisected by the former Check point Charlie customs wall, is triangular in shape.

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