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Kaap Skil by Mecanoo architecten in Texel, The Netherlands.
Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten
May 21, 2012 /

Kaap Skil
Mecanoo architecten
Texel, The Netherlands

The museum is designed with four playfully linked gabled roofs which are a play on the rhythm of the surrounding roof tops which, seen from the sea, resemble waves rising out above the dyke.

FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Centre by Mecanoo architecten in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Photo: Christian Richters
September 15, 2008 /

FiftyTwoDegrees Business Innovation Centre
Mecanoo architecten
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

FiftyTwoDegrees is the realisation of the first phase of a large-scale master plan surrounding the Neerbosscheweg. The 86 meter tall tower stands on a slope and is fluidly yet excitingly absorbed into surrounding Goffert Park.

Palace of Justice Section by Mecanoo architecten in Delft, The Netherlands. Rendering.
Photo courtesy Macanoo
December 17, 2007 /

Palace of Justice
Mecanoo architecten
Córdoba, Spain

Can such a large building refer distinctly to the old city of Córdoba, and its unique history, without literally imitating it?

Municipal Offices and Station rendering
Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten
July 23, 2007 /

Municipal Offices and Station
Mecanoo architecten
Delft, The Netherlands

The starting point for Mecanoo's design is an interweaving of the city's history with the future. Travellers arriving at the station will experience Delft as a city not only with a rich history but also as one of technological ingenuity.

La Llotja 
Image courtesy Mecanoo architects
March 19, 2007 /

La Llotja
Mecanoo architecten
Lleida, Spain

José Montilla, President of Catalunya, placed the first stone of the La Llotja Theatre and Congress Center on March 9th. The building is a new icon for Lleida, the second city of Catalunya after Barcelona.

St. Mary of the Angels by Mecanoo architecten in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Facade.
Photo © Christian Richters
December 16, 2002 /

St. Mary of the Angels
Mecanoo architecten
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The design of the new "St. Mary of the Angels" Chapel in Rotterdam's Catholic "St. Lawrence" cemetery combines historical influences with modern forms.

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