Taipei Performing Arts Centre

March 16, 2009 /

Taipei City, Taiwan

Image © OMA

The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) was recently recently awarded the first prize in the international competition to build the Taipei Performing Arts Centre.

The scheme includes a 1,500 seat theater and two 800 seat theaters which plug into a central cube, clad in corrugated glass, that combines the stage accommodations of the three theaters in a single whole.

Image © OMA

Each theatre can be used independently or in combination with the other theaters. Connecting the different theaters offers new and experimental theatrical possibilities.

A public trajectory inside the cube exposes parts of the backstage areas otherwise hidden in typical theaters. The cube is placed on a socle preserving the existing lively local food market.

Image © OMA

Facts about Taipei Performing Arts Centre

Total area:

40,000 m2
One 1,500 seat theater and two 800 seat theaters


Partners in charge:
Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren

Competition Team:
André Schmidt
Mariano Sagasta
Adam Frampton
(A-Z) Erik Amir
Josh Beck
Jean-Baptiste Bruderer
David Brown
Andrew Bryant
Steven Chen
Dan Cheong
RyanYongsuk Choe
Timothy Clark
Antoine Decourt
Mitesh Dixit
Pingchuan Fu
Alexander Giarlis
Richard Hollington
Shabnam Hosseini
Sean Hoo
Takuya Hosokai
Miguel Huelga
Nicola Knop
Chiaju Lin
Sandra Mayritsch
Vincent McIlduff
Alexander Menke
Ippolito Pestellini
Gabriele Pitacco
Shiyun Qian
Joseph Tang
Agustin Perez-Torres
Xinyuan Wang
Ali Yildirim
Patrizia Zobernig

Local Architects:
Artech Inc.

SMEP & Fire engineering, sustainability:


Theatre Consultancy:
Ducks Scéno, France

Acoustics Consultancy:

Vincent de Rijk



Department of Cultural Affairs
Taipei City Government


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