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July 16, 2012 /

London, United Kingdom

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

Situated on top of the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre The Cube is a nomadic, stateless and cosmopolitan piece of architecture, a pavilion designed to host a small, temporary restaurant.

The base of the building, slightly raised with respect to the ground, accentuates the idea of lightness and cleanness of form that is characteristic the entire structure.

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

The project was conceived as a module that can be assembled and disassembled relatively easily. The structure is suitable for all climatic conditions, even the most extreme, while always providing the maximum in living comfort with its refined aesthetics and use of high-quality materials.

The pavilion's lightness of form is emphasized on the exterior by its white colour and given a sense of movement through the use of an aluminum "skin" that has been laser-cut to create a texture with a geometric design that covers the exterior surface.

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

The interior of the The Cube has been designed to accommodate various configurations; the pavilion consists of a large open space with a visible kitchen and a single large table that can disappear by raising it to the ceiling, allowing space for a lounge area after dinner.  The employed materials are highly innovative in terms of technology, eco-sustainability and energy saving, as well as constantly reusable.

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

The Cube seats 18 people for lunch or dinner and will house some of the best star chefs who will perform live for their guests, offering special menus prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant. Reservations: The Cube London
Drawing courtesy PlantDinner Configuration Plan

Drawing courtesy PlantRoof Plan

Drawing courtesy PlantElevation
Two weeks after the London opening the twin restaurant opened in Stockholm, on the roof of the Royal Opera House. Both will remain throughout the summer, until end of September.

Photo: Jamie StricklandStockholm Photomontage

Designed to visit unexpected and dramatic locations throughout Europe, The Cube debuted in Brussels on the arc of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in April 2011 where it remained until July.

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

In December 2011 the restaurant was opened in the heart of Milano sitting on a roof in Piazza del Duomo, just a few meters away from the Cathedral's spires.

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna

As the previous ones, the two new locations of The Cube are unique and offer a magnificent view on the roofs of the cities.

Facts about The Cube

Total floor area:

140 m2 (includes terrace)

Architecture and Interior Design     
Park Associati

Design team:

Filippo Pagliani
Michele Rossi
Lorenzo Merloni
Alessandro Rossi
Alexia Caccavella
Alice Cuteri
Fabio Calciati


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Photographed by Andrea Martiradonna

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