Reiser + Umemoto

Port and Cruise Service Center by Reiser + Umemoto in Southern Taiwan. Rendering
Image courtesy Reiser + Umemoto (RUR)
January 10, 2011 /

Port and Cruise Service Center
Reiser + Umemoto
Southern Taiwan,

The dynamic 3-dimensional urbanism takes advantage of the site's unique lateral positioning with respect to the city grid.

O-14 by Reiser + Umemoto in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Exterior view.
Image courtesy Reiser + Umemoto
June 16, 2008 /

Reiser + Umemoto
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As of June 2008, the first five floors and exterior shell of O-14 have been cast, revealing the beginnings of the perforated concrete shell exoskeleton which, when finished, will surround the building in a lace-like veil.

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