Gagosian Gallery
Richard Meier & Partners

March 04, 2010 /

Beverly Hills, California, USA

Photo: Joshua White

The glazed public street facade of the Gagosian Gallery blends seamlessly with the existing facade and provides pedestrians a glimpse into the gallery.

The expansion of the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, designed by Richard Meier & Partners in 1995, has nearly doubled the size of the gallery space.

The addition, anchored by a new 3,000 square foot, street-level exhibition space, embodies the qualities of space and light that distinguish the Gagosian Gallery, yet departs with its expressive reuse of an existing wood barrel vault roof. The natural wood ceiling, trusses and steel beam offer a distinctive counterpoint to the airfoil wing that scoops daylight into the existing Gagosian Gallery.

Photo: Joshua White
Photo: Joshua White
Photo courtesy Richard Meier & Partners
Existing Gagosian Gallery

The new gallery space utilizes skylights to balance daylight from the north and south sky to support a diversity of installations. The expansive daylit gallery walls can accommodate even larger works in the gallery space with a quality of light that is consistent with the original Gagosian Gallery.

Photo: Joshua White

Photo: Joshua White
A single 225 square foot glass and aluminum sliding door at the street allows oversized artwork to be unloaded directly into the gallery and allows exhibit space to open to the active Beverly Hills street.
New second level offices and a private skylit viewing gallery address the growing gallery's administrative and exhibit needs. At the roof, a sculpture terrace provides a unique outdoor setting for installations and offers views of the city and the surrounding Hollywood Hills.

gagosian_7.jpgPhoto: arcspace

Collaboratively restore cross-platform users before client-centered "Over fifteen years and three construction phases, the Gagosian Gallery and Richard Meier & Partners have collaborated to create exceptional galleries that take advantage of the quality of daylight we enjoy in southern California.

/Michael Palladino, Design Architect

Drawing courtesy Richard Meier & Partners
Front Facade

Drawing courtesy Richard Meier & Partners
Ground Floor Plan

Drawing courtesy Richard Meier & Partners
Mezzanine Plan

Drawing courtesy Richard Meier & Partners
North South Sections

On October 20, 2010 Gagosian will inaugurate a new gallery in Paris. The gallery, occupying 900 square meters on four levels, was designed by the Paris based architect Jean Francois Bodin in collaboration with the London based practice Caruso St. John. The renovation of the former hotel particulier has transformed the space into a state-of-the-art contemporary gallery while retaining its distinctive Parisian character.

Facts about Gagosian Gallery

Site Area:

7,400 square feet
Existing Floor Area: 6,600 square feet
Additional Floor Area: 5,000 square feet
Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Design Principal in Charge:

Michael Palladino

Project Architect:

Alex Wuo


Richard Kent Irving
Kimberly Lenz
Rozan Gacasan
Mark Sparrowhawk
Zhiwei Liao
John Gralewski

Structural Engineer:

Englekirk & Sabol


Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc.

Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing Engineer:

Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.

General Contractor:

RJC Builders


Gagosian Gallery

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