Rojkind Arquitectos

Nestlé Chocolate Museum exterior entrance
Photo © Paúl Rivera
September 03, 2007 /

Nestlé Chocolate Museum (Phase 1)
Rojkind Arquitectos
Mexico City, Mexico

When Nestlé's Chocolate factory in Mexico City (located in Paseo Tollocan near Toluca) was in need of an inner pathway for visitors to witness the production of chocolates it was decided that the first chocolate museum in Mexico should have a 300 meter long facade along the motorway as the new image of the factory.

casa pR34 by Rojkind Arquitectos in Tecamachalco, Mexico. Exterior.
Photo: Jaime Navarro
January 03, 2005 /

casa pR34
Rojkind Arquitectos
Tecamachalco, Mexico

The curving forms, resembling two bodies in motion, were inspired by the occupant who is a ballet dancer.

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