Faculty of Music
Saucier + Perrotte

February 20, 2006 /

Montreal, Canada

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte

The building's east and west facades are patterned to evoke musical figures.

Located on a narrow site adjacent to the Strathcona Building, which houses the faculty's main concert facilities, the new building contains a library, recital hall, state-of-the-art multimedia and practice studios as well as additional faculty offices.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
The multimedia studio anchors the design. Almost five story high, the polished limestone volume is embedded three stories into the ground at the north end of the lot. Practice rooms and technical studios are located to the south of the studio.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
The Recital Hall and Main Entrance are located at street level above these rooms. The new building is linked to the rest of the faculty by a glazed bridge that runs through the main entrance hall.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
The three story library, connected by a sculptural staircase, sits immediately above the recital hall with an additional three stories of office and practice space atop.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
A folded concrete plane defines the ground floor spaces appearing to support the main body of the building above. It evokes an eroded ground plane which leads to the Mount Royal beyond.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
The east facade is clad in black and grey zinc, with long strip windows that light the office corridors and a large glazed opening into the library entry space.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
The west facade shows a pattern of matt and polished aluminum that reflects the Strathcona Building on its surface while a series of punched windows, an evocation of the piano rolls used in antique mechanical pianos, bring light into the smaller interior spaces.

Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
The design by Saucier + Perrotte gives prominence to the southeast corner of the McGill University Campus in downtown Montreal.

Model photo courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Sketch courtesy Saucier + Perrotte
Drawing courtesy Saucier + PerrotteLower Level

Drawing courtesy Saucier + PerrotteMezzanine Level

Drawing courtesy Saucier + PerrotteThird Level

Facts about Faculty of Music

Total area:

11,775 m2 (126,750 ft2)

Saucier + Perrotte Architectes
Menkès Shooner Dagenais

Design Principal:
Gilles Saucier
Project Architect: Anik Shooner

Project team:

Gilles Saucier
Anik Shooner
Caroline Elias
Maxime-Alexis Frappier
Anna Bendix


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